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for dancers & dance enthusiasts

Thank you for the dreams...

What are we thankful for? In one word: DREAMS

DREAMS of our students, as they:

  • find their artistic expression

  • discover their passion

  • become kind, compassionate, hardworking and genuine people

DREAMS of their parents and families:

who seek to provide opportunities for their children to experience life to its fullest

DREAMS of our community who: finds inspiration and happiness in the art of ballet

DREAMS of Bayer Ballet:

  • supporting our students in their individual journeys

  • supporting their families by giving each and every student the very best education and opportunities we can provide

  • sharing our gifts with the community by providing the highest quality ballet education and performance

Each and every day, we are grateful to be inspired by, and dedicated to supporting, these DREAMS.

Thank you, Inna Bayer Founder & Artistic Director Bayer Ballet

Meet The Snow Queen event at Bayer Ballet’s Outdoor studios for the Pre-Ballet division. Come Dream with us at the Snow Queen at Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts on December 18-19 @juliet_ballet dancing the role of the Snow Queen

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