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PRE-BALLET division



Division placement is based on level and determined by the Artistic Director. 


  • PRE-BALLET (ages 3-9)

      • PB 1 (ages 3-4)

      • PB 2 (ages 4-5)​

      • PB 3 (ages 5-6)

      • PB 4 (ages 6-7)

      • PB 5 (ages 7-8)

      • PB 6 (ages 8-9)

      • MALE PROGRAM (ages 3-9)


Audition is required  for the following programs:

DAY PROGRAM (AGES 12-18)  Learn More

Audition is required  for the following programs:


MALE PROGRAM (AGES 9-18+) Learn More

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Our Approach

Our Pre- Ballet Division is a nurturing environment for children to explore the many facets of the artform of dance and self-expression.   


Our holistic approach to teaching children is focused on promoting health and wellness, creativity and social-emotional life skill development, while teaching essential life skills (discipline, perseverance, accountability). 


Our systematic program encourages each child to progress at their own pace, gradually.  Through couresework which develops a solid foundation, technically and artistically, they are successfully prepared for the upper division, should they decide to continue pursue their training.  


As the child progresses through the Pre-Ballet Program, they develop self-awareness, rhythm, coordination, attention to detail, a love for the art of ballet, and a multitude of transferrable skills they can apply to their daily lives, as artists and people.   

Technique & Artistry

Pre-Ballet students develop physically and artistically through a systematic program, based upon foundations of the Vaganova method. 


The program which is comprised of six levels, spanning from ages 3-8 years old, allows students to gradually progress through a well-rounded, healthy approach to learning the complex art of ballet.  As students move through the program, excercises increase in complexity, gradually developing the core strength and conditioning, flexibility, and grace required for long term wellness.

With a solid technical foundation in place, dancers explore the art of performing through an annual ballet performance, "Springtime Fairy Tale" delivered by the Pre-Ballet Division. This is an opportunity to learn how to apply their technique to performance, while developing stage presence and experience the joy of sharing their art with the community.

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Pre Ballet's 

Springtime Fairytale

Presented by students of Bayer Ballet Academy's Pre-Ballet Division, this whimsical story ballet, conceived and choreographed by Artistic Director, Inna Bayer and set to the music of Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov, features gorgeous custom-made costumes and hand painted sets. This family-friendly fairytale is a magical celebration of Spring.‬⁣

A Magician's magical book helps bring to life a Russian Spring forest fairytale, filled with sweet animals, spirited blue jays (pictured), frolicking foxes, spirited squirrels, joyful dancing ponies, animated toys and other fairyland creatures. These charming forest friends join forces to rescue a little bunny who has been captured by the Bat Queen.‬⁣

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