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New Students

Bayer Ballet Academy is enrolling new students for pre-ballet through pre-professional levels (3-18 years old)!

Division placement is based on level and determined by the Artistic Director.  

New Students - Training for Ages 3-18+

  1. COMPLETE THE TRAINING INTEREST FORM below for proper placement.

  2. Bayer Ballet Administration will contact you to discuss training options and proper level placement. If you do not hear from Bayer Ballet, please  email the office.

  3. Once placement has determined, you will receive a registration link (JackRabbit).

Returning Students

Before classes start, all returning students need to complete the following in order to register for the next school year:

1. You will receive a registration link (JackRabbit) with to enroll your child/children in the proper level.

Go to your Customer Portal and choose the level which your teacher recommended to you in your evaluation form. If you have questions or didn’t receive this form, please email BBA™ at

2. Read and approve current BBA™ Policies.
You can find this button in the Customer Portal.

3. Review and update current BBA™ contact information.


Bayer Ballet Academy Training Interest Form
Trial Class $20
Please indicate the level and/or programs you are interested in. Ages are a general guideline and vary by level of experience. Note: levels indicated with an asterisk(*) require level placement by audition.

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch shortly. If your inquiry is urgent, please email