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" This is a top notch school where your son or daughter will receive the proper training that a dancer needs. We have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the school...The teaching faculty is devoted to giving the students excellent instruction. I recommend this school for any child that wants to work hard, and takes their ballet training seriously." 

—  Michelle R., Belmont, CA



“We've been at this studio for 6 years, and both of my daughters still enjoy attending every practice. In my experience, I've found this studio to be highly professional; all of the instructors are knowledgeable, encouraging, and holding themselves and their students to a high standard of excellence. Christina, who works with the younger kids, is both compassionate and invested in her students' growth as dancers. I had the fortune to join this studio as it was just beginning, as it granted me the opportunity to witness how Inna, the owner and creative director, transformed this studio into the best ballet school in the Bay Area. Inna's dedication and vision is evident in every performance. If you want your child to learn technique, self-discipline, and the true essence of ballet, from instructors who truely love their art and teaching, then this is the school to attend."


—  Anna K., Mountain View, CA

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"The school follows the Vaganova method, believing that every kid can dance and should be able to participate in ballet. Kids are taught according to their age and skill set and 'no child is left behind.'"


—  Sylvia K., Palo Alto, CA



Bayer Ballet is a wonderful school with teachers who care about making you excellent and creating a fun dance environment. If your child wants to be the best they can be while also having tons of fun then this is the place for them.


—  Alex Y., Santa Clara, CA

Student of Bayer Ballet, Age 13



Alex Kedrov in response to Adagio

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"We are very grateful to Miss Christina , Miss Inna and the whole crew for their dedication to children and Balette. Miss Christina gives them knowledge, support and encouragement. It's amazing to watch a tremendous progress from one class to the next one. And a performance in the theater (once or twice a year) is an outstanding example of professionalism and beauty of Balette.  Special thank you to Miss Rimma, who is always there to help little ballerinas. Thank you...for the lessons and experience for life."

—  Marianna M., San Francisco, CA



"It is an honor to be a part of such a distinguished ballet school. The high standards are the result of a rigorous program enabled by a highly professional staff, with pedigrees from top ballet institutions.

If you want your kids to access the highest level ballet education, or simply develop lifelong skills that come with such rigorous training - this is the place."

—  Sveta V., San Carlos, CA



“My daughter has been at BBA for about 2 years. She has joined this school when she was 5 y.o. and has participated in two shows - both of which would were professional and artistic.
Participation in the last show was very impressive for her. The most impressive part of the preparation for the show was a chance to dance with older girls. She looked at them and enjoyed the way they danced. She said to me every day, "I want to dance like those girls".
All teachers at BBA are patient and help to grow and motivate their students.

I am very grateful to have found this school for my daughter.  It's the perfect place to give her a chance to be great if she wants, or to just have an amazing time really learning an art form."


—  Tanya L., San Jose, CA



—  Sing M., San Francisco, CA

“I have to say that one of the highlights of this holiday season was going to see the show "The Snow Queen".  Bayer Ballet has a reputation for staging the best shows and they really outdid themselves this time.  I don't live in the area but I missed seeing a real high caliber children's show for quite some time so I wanted to go and see their latest production.  I got what I went there for and the experience was more than worth the trip.  I really love seeing such well trained and thoroughly rehearsed kids of all ages and levels.  The production was exquisitely beautiful and had a charming original story.  It is a nice change from all the Nutcrackers everyone else is doing."


Panoramic Pre-Professional class_edited.jpg


"Bayer Ballet Academy is the best ballet school in the Bay Area. Period. We went to several schools up and down the Peninsula before settling on this one...Some of the kids dancing here at even as young as 7-8 years old are astonishingly accomplished for their age. Their 13-14 year old dancers rival dancers at the local professional ballet companies (one just won the World Ballet Competition). So, if you want your child to have a solid, serious ballet education and/or the benefits of that (grace, discipline, flexibility) - this is the place for you."

—  Susan P, San Jose, CA



"Our 16 year old daughter has trained with several great teachers over the years, but never before has she made such big improvements, so quickly, as since she started training at Bayer Ballet. Bayer offers top level personalized training with a focus on both artistry and technique. Their productions are wonderful and the coaching ahead of competitions is invaluable. We're thrilled to have found this school."

— Lara M. , Burlingame, CA

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