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pre-professional program


We are committed to delivering the highest quality education (Vaganova method) and access to internationally-renowned faculty, exclusive master classes with guest teachers; as well as,  various opportunities to work with industry leaders and choreographers year-round.


Audition is required  for the following programs:

DAY PROGRAM (AGES 12-18)  Learn More

Audition is required  for the following programs:

  • Group 1: 12-14 years 

  • Group 2: 15-18 years


MALE PROGRAM (AGES 9-18+) Learn More



Technique & Artistry

Students develop physically and artistically through a systematic program, based upon foundations of the Vaganova method. 


The program which is comprised of three divisions, pre-ballet, youth (juniors and apprentice) and pre-professional, allows students to gradually progress through a well-rounded, healthy approach to learning the complex art of ballet.  As students move through the program, excercises increase in complexity, gradually developing the core strength and conditioning, flexibility, and grace required for long term wellness.

With a solid technical foundation in place, dancers explore the art of performing through competitions and professionally staged performances. This is an opportunity to learn how to apply their technique to performance, while developing stage presence and experience the joy of sharing their art with the community.

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Ballet Classes

This year round program is intended for students that are looking for a serious program that includes performance and competition opportunities. Rooted in the Vaganova method,  students receive a high level of classical ballet education that can prepare them for a professional career.


This specialized training program is designed for dedicated dancers, who are eager to receive a more rigorous training regimen to help them develop/refine technique and artistry. Personalized to each dancer, the teachers will help them to define realistic goals, track their performance, and provide resources that help them to thrive, grow and accomplish their goals.

Classes will be held during the evenings on weekdays at Bayer Ballet Academy studios in Mountain View, California.
Selection by audition.


Not feeling challenged in the mainstream classes? You aren’t receiving individualized training you need to grow? You think you’re capable of more? You’re considering a professional dance career?

The curriculum, based on the Vaganova method, is specifically designed for serious female and male dancers between the ages of 9-14 years, who are disciplined, eager to work hard, open to critique, and passionate about dancing.



Bayer Ballet Academy provides contemporary ballet training as a complement to our classical curriculum. Available for all levels of youth ballet.  


Traditional character dance taught by renowned faculty. This class is meant as a supplement to classical ballet training as it allows for a greater range of expression and diversity for students to grow and develop with.  


For any form of dance, strength and flexibility are important for moving comfortable and gracefully. Our specially developed stretching curriculum builds muscle, increases flexibility, and provides a foundation for many of the more difficult movements in ballet and contemporary. 

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