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Prix de Lausanne Selects Bayer Ballet Dancers

⁣Two of Bayer Ballet's students have been selected to compete in Prix de Lausanne, 2020.

Prix de Lausanne has announced the names of the dancers, who will be competing in Montreaux, Switzerland next February, 2020.

- 377 applicants from 44 countries⁣ - 84 dancers from 26 countries selected (33 boys, 51 girls) ⁣ - 10 dancers are from the United States (3 boys, 7 girls)⁣ **Of the 7 girls selected, 2 are students of Bayer Ballet**⁣ We are very proud of the dedication of our dancers, Katya Panchenko & Alina Taratorin, who have studied at Bayer Ballet for 14 years & 12 years, respectively.⁣ Join us in congratulating all of the dancers, who have been selected.⁣

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