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"Pas de Trois"

Ballet is a philosophy, a culture and a way of life.   The experience harnessed through dance education is an asset on every professional and personal path students choose to take. Life skills are developed during the process: work ethic, discipline, responsibility, and cooperation. This artform provides an opportunity for them to further discover their individual strengths and acquire self-confidence. The documentary, “Pas de Trois” invites you to experience the philosophy, culture and lifestyle of the art of ballet through the eyes of young aspiring ballerinas, Katya (16 years), Sasha (16 years), and Alina (16 years), students of Bayer Ballet Academy, who authentically share their perspectives:

⁣⁣ -- Why did you start dancing?⁣⁣ -- When did you fall in love with dancing?⁣⁣ -- How do you feel when you’re dancing?⁣⁣ -- What is the commitment; how many hours per week (curriculum, rehearsals,⁣⁣ performances, competitions, practice)?⁣⁣ -- How do you balance school and ballet?⁣⁣ -- How has ballet impacted your daily life, outside of the studio?⁣⁣ -- Why is the Vaganova method so unique?⁣⁣ -- Bonds and friendships formed through the process, and more.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

See these dancers perform in "The Snow Queen" on December 14-15, 2019 at Mountain View Center for The Performing Arts.


Artistic Director: Inna Bayer

Video Editing: Zeen Rachidi

Video Recording: VAM Productions et al.

Featured Artists: Alina Taratorin, Katya Panchenko & Sasha Smelyanskiy, students of Bayer Ballet

Rehearsal & Stage Production footage of "Snow Queen," an original ballet choreographed by Inna Bayer and produced by Bayer Ballet.

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