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Hybrid Dance Programs

Updated: Jul 31

Virtual - In-Studio - Hybrid Ballet Programs | Bayer Ballet Bayer Ballet Academy has been successfully providing virtual training since Shelter in Place, as well as safely operating in-studio summer camps since early June. ​ With new policies in place, based on Santa Clara County Public Health and CDPH, we are taking all precautions and strictly adhering to the recommended guidelines and directives to keep dancers and their families, as safe as possible. _________ PROGRAMS More Info:

** JULY 20-AUG 7: Summer Camps - Ages 5-10 (Hybrid) ** JUNE 13 - AUG 29: Saturday Open Classes - Ages 3-10 (Virtual) ** JUNE 15-AUG 28: Vaganova Summer Intensive - Ages 8-18 (Hybrid) 2020/21 School Year Professional Training & Classes for All Ages & Levels (Hybrid) - Submit Training Interest Form _________ MEANINGFUL PROGRESSION We understand how frustrated dancers are right now, and how concerned their parents are, as well. Training from home has limitations, and even though there are a multitude of hybrid training options out there, there are valid concerns. **How do you determine which program is best for your dancer? **How do you ensure they are progressing when there are a multitude of resources with no meaningful progression? **When it's time to return to in-person training, is your studio following safe protocols? ⁣⁣⁣ Everyone deserves a safe environment, whether it's virtual or in-person, to grow and develop. _________ RESILIENT PROGRAM Our program is designed to adapt to the evolving conditions. Whether we are dancing in-studio or virtually, we are committed to delivering the highest quality education (Vaganova method) and access to world-renowned faculty and master teachers. We are dedicated to providing a healthy and creative outlet for our dancers to continue growing, as artists and individuals, during these challenging times.

Together, we will rise stronger than before.

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