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AWARDS EARNED: Youth America Grand Prix (January & February, 2019)


Youth America Grand Prix (January & February, 2019)

  • Outstanding School (second consecutive year) Bayer Ballet Academy

  • Outstanding Teacher: Inna Bayer

  • Scholarship, Pacific Northwest Ballet School Natalie Taylor

  • 1st Place Ensemble "Jewish Dance" Maya Belomoina, Sarah Grupenhoff, Katusha Klets, Victoria Kostikov, Jaslyn Kwan, Olivia Kwok, Emma Lewis, Valerie Sokolenko, Mia Staulo, Ananya Tirumala, Jocelyn Wang, Aila Whiteley

  • 1st Place Pre-Competitive Classical Jaslyn Kwan

  • 2nd Place Senior Classical Katya Panchenko

  • 2nd Place Senior Contemporary Katya Panchenko

  • 2nd Place Pre-Competitive Classical Abigail Kim

  • 3rd Place Ensembles - For All "Secret Garden" "Odalisque" "Esmeralda" "Mazurka" "Jewish"

  • 3rd Place Senior Classical (Tie) Alina Taratorin

  • 3rd Place Senior Classical (Tie) Sasha Smelyanskiy

  • 3rd Place Junior Classical Audrey Wang

  • 3rd Place Pre-Competitive Classical Mia Staulo

  • Top 12 Senior Classical Grace Kim

  • Top 12 Senior Contemporary Sasha Smelyanskiy Alina Taratorin

  • Top 12 Junior Classical Ada Lin Valerie Lin Juliet Sostena Natalie Taylor

  • Top 12 Pre-Competitive Classical Katusha Klets Victoria Kostikov Valerie Sokolenko Ananya Tirumala Peddinti

  • Top 12 Pre-Competitive Contemporary Abigail Kim Katusha Klets Jaslyn Kwan Ananya Tirumala Peddinti

  • Top 24 Junior Classical Mia Mikhel


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