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Youth America Grand Prix Finals 2024

Thank you, Youth America Grand Prix for the remarkable impact you have on shaping the dance community & for the endless opportunities you facilitate for dancers, worldwide.

We were honored to have participated in the 25th Anniversary Finals in NY & look forward to many more years of artistic collaboration.

13 Soloists from Bayer Ballet


  • Claire Hsieh (11)

  • Emma Perez (9)

  • Halina Liu (10)

  • Karissa Chen (11)

Junior Division

  • Chloe Helimets (13)

  • Chloe Shen (14)

  • Chloe Wang (12)

  • Diana Levine (14)

  • Miley Liu (13)

  • Sydney Qian (12)

Senior Division

  • Amelia Chen (15)

  • Crystal Huang (15)

  • Jaelyn Kwan (15)

Final Rounds

  • Junior - Chloe Helimets

  • Senior - Crystal Huang


  • 1st Place Classical Ebsemble “Coppelia Friends” Choreography by Vasily Medvedev

  • Shelley King Award for Artistry - Chloe Helimets

  • 2nd Place Senior Division - Crystal Huang


Alberta Ballet School (Canada)

Full Year Scholarship

  • Karissa Chen

  • Diana Levine

  • Amelia Chen

Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin (Germany)

Short Term Scholarship

  •  Chloe Helimets

John Cranko Schule (Germany)

Short Term Scholarship

  •  Chloe Helimets

Summer Program Scholarship

  • Amelia Chen

Elmhurst Ballet School (UK)

Summer Program Scholarship

  • Amelia Chen

Mosa Ballet School (Belgium)

Full Year Admission

  •  Chloe Helimets

ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School (USA)

Short Term Scholarship

  •  Chloe Helimets

  •  Diana Levine

Nashville Ballet (USA)

Full Year Admission

  • Amelia Chen


Breaking the Guinness World Record


Performing in the YAGP Gala with World Ballet Stars & connecting with industry colleagues

I would like to express my gratitude to our faculty, guest teachers, choreographers, administrators, and parents for supporting our dancers to pursue their dreams. Congratulations  dancers!

Gratefully yours,

Inna Bayer

Founder & Artistic Director

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