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ADC | IBC 2023

Thank you, ADC IBC - Youth International Ballet Competition for an inspiring weekend. This was our first experience participating in this competition and we thoroughly enjoyed the process. It was a wonderful opportunity to receive class from Mr. Peter LeBreton Merz and technical evaluations in class and onstage from the jury, Mr. Christopher Hird , Mr.Mimmo Miccolis Choreographer, and Mr. Olivier Munoz.

Thank you for sharing your insightful and uplifting perspectives during the roundtable panel discussion. The conversation resonated with us, as we truly agree that the reward is in process, every class we take and every moment we dance is a gift.

In closing, we are grateful for the recognition Bayer Ballet received and would like to congratulate our dancers for their dedication, and our teachers and choreographers, who guide their journeys, inspire their dreams and unconditionally share their knowledge.

Congratulations, everyone! JUNIOR DIVISION (we had one participant)

  • 1st Place Classical - Mia Staulo (coached by Inna Bayer)

  • 1st Place Contemporary - Mia Staulo (choreographed by Erin Micek)


  • Top 7 Classical - Audrey Shore @audreyyballet (coached by by Inna Bayer & Stanislav Feco)

  • Top 7 Contemporary - Audrey Shore (choreographed by Erin Micek)

  • Top 7 Classical - Valerie Lin @valllerina (coached by Inna Bayer & Stanislav Feco)

  • Top 7 Contemporary - Valerie Lin (choreographed by Erin Micek)


  • 1st Place - Trio Odalisque (Marius Petipa / coached by Tatiana Ulitina) - Aila Whiteley Hailey Seto, Mia Staulo


  • 1st Place - Esmeralda Suite (choreographed by Vasily Medvedev & Stanislav Feco after Marius Petipa / coached by Inna Bayer & Stanislav Feco)


  • The Washington School of Ballet - 2023 Summer Intensive Acceptance into Upper Level (no audition fee) with consideration for Full Year Elite Professional Training Division

  • Oklahoma City Ballet - Partial Tuition Scholarship for Summer Intensive 2023

  • Sarasota Ballet - Summer Intensive 2023 $1000 Scholarship

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