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YAGP 2022 Finals

Join us in congratulating Bayer Ballet’s awardees and beautiful dancers on their successful performances at Youth America Grand Prix 2022 Tampa Finals.

Special Award

Natalia Makarova Special Award for Artistry - only one dancer awarded this significant award. There were over 700 soloists and more than 1,500 dancers from 30 different countries participating.

  • Charlize Hardwick @ballerina_charlize

Junior Division (ages 12-14) Top 12 (Final Round): 15,000 dancers auditioned worldwide, 180 soloists chosen from the Junior division for the Finals. 65 performed in the Junior Final Round:

  • Charlize Hardwick

Ensembles Top 12: Bluebells from Vasily Medvedev’s @medvedevballet “The Rose and the Butterfly - a Love Story”

  • Aila Whiteley @aila_raindance

  • Charlize Hardwick

  • Victoria Kostikov @victoriakdance

Scholarship Full Year Scholar: Princess Grace Academy (Monaco) @academieprincessegrace

  • Charlize Hardwick

Congratulations to all of Bayer Ballet Academy’s soloists, who danced beautifully at YAGP Finals:

Senior Division

  • Audrey Shore @audreyyballet

  • Valerie Lin @valllerina

Junior Division

  • Charlize Hardwick

  • Victoria Kostikov

One award was especially meaningful to us, the YAGP Humanitarian Award, which was presented to Larissa Savliev for her work for the Ukrainian dancers. YAGP has placed over 100 Ukranian dancers on full scholarships during this time. Thank you for your meaningful work, personally meaningful to me and the people of my motherland. ~ Inna Bayer

Thank you to our dedicated teachers, who prepare our dancers to reach their full potential. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the support of our dedicated families, who are our partners in supporting their children’s dreams. Competition is a wonderful opportunity for our dancers to come together with their peers to gain inspiration, engage with industry leaders, and master teachers. We are grateful to YAGP for providing career advancement opportunities for these aspiring dancers.

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