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On Stage | Inside the Vaganova System at the Summer Intensive Showcase - August 9-10

Bayer Ballet presents

“Inside the Vaganova System at the Summer Intensive Showcase” August 9 (7pm) & August 10 (5pm) | Menlo Atherton Center for the Performing Arts Tickets

Digital painting by Olga Pichkova, IOPhotoStudio of Bayer Ballet dancers backstage.

Participants of Bayer Ballet's Summer Intensive, perform original choreography set during the course of the 6-week Intensive. The Program will feature diverse pieces:

  • ”Class Concert” - gain a unique perspective on the Russian Vaganova system, demonstrating the evolution of the dancers, at various ages and levels, training in the Vaganova system;

  • Classical and neo-classical ballet repertoire; Contemporary;

  • Character and folk dance from around the world.

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