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Nikolay Official Partner School

We are honored to ANNOUNCE Bayer Ballet has been named a Nikolay Official Partner School.

Posted @withrepost@nikolayworld We are delighted to welcome @bayerballetacademy as a Nikolay Partner School.

Founded in 2005, Bayer Ballet (Mountain View, CA USA) is the only Official Partner School in California, to the world-renowned Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg.

Bayer Ballet "Vaganova Center of Excellence" is committed to providing accessibility to the art and culture of the Vaganova method of classical ballet through an artfully-rigorous curriculum delivered by an award-winning faculty of master teachers.

@bayerballetacademy strives to cultivate and foster an appreciation and love for the artform and we’re excited to support them in their mission to provide opportunities for emerging artists to engage, educate and collaborate with world-renowned master teachers, artists and choreographers.

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