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Bayer Ballet welcomes serious dancers who are seeking to refine their technique and artistry, while learning classical variations and the intricacies of the Vaganova method .

Mon-Fri, 1:00-4:00PM (9-12 years)
learn one variation per week
Mon-Fri, 4:30-7:30pm (13-18+years)
learn two variations per week

variations seminar
JUNE 5 - JUNE 23
Ages: 9-12 years
Ages: 13-18+ years

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Elena Nikolaeva.PNG
Elena Nikolaeva
Guest Faculty

Vaganova Ballet Academy, St. Petersburg
Graduated, Dancer (1991)
Degree, Choreographic Art (1991)
Degree, Ballet Pedagogy (2011)

Disciple of direct students of Agrippina Vaganova

Elena Nikolaeva started her ballet education at the “Vaganova Academy”,  where in 1991 she graduated as a ballet dancer with a degree in "choreographic art”.  Continuing her education in the Academy, she gained the qualification of  "pedagog-choreographer ballet"  with the specialization of  "Ballet Pedagogy" in 2011.


During her time at the academy, she studied under many world class ballet teachers, soloists, ballet dancers and protégés, some of which include:  K.M.Sergeev (ballet soloist, and  partner of G.S.Ulanova), L.B.Kovaleva (pedagog of D.Višneva), E.B.Kokorina (pedagog of A.J.Vaganova), L.N.Safronova, N.P.Sahnovskaja, V.S.Desnickij, V.Onoško, A.A.Stepin, G.N.Selucki, I.G.Gensler (the Prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre), L.E.Goncarova (Prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre), A.B.Bruskin, I.I.Gorovaja, A.I.Manoškin, Y.Gumba.

In 1991, she began her career working as a soloist in the St. Petersburg  Theater at the “Russian Ballet”, remaining there until 2002, when she became the Prima Ballerina of HNK Split. Throughout her career, she has performed numerous solos from world famous ballets, including but not limited to: Odette, Odilia, Kitri, Giselle, Nikije, Gamzati, Clare, Sugar Plum, Pimpinelle, Princess Aurora, Carmen.

During this time, she performed in ballet theaters throughout the Russian Federation, including St. Petersburg's Ermitažni teatre, Opera Theater and Ballet "Musorgski" in St. Petersburg, and the Mariinsky Theater (ex-Kirov Ballet) in St. Petersburg. Her career also took her to stages around the world, and she performed internationally in Japan, Israel, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Holland, England, Scotland, and Ireland.

She began her teaching career in 2004 at the Art Academy of the University of Split, where she currently teaches the 1 -6 Degree Course. In 2009, she was appointed the teacher of classical ballet at the Private Ballet School "Boris Papandopulo” in Split;  There she teaches classical ballet in accordance to the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia. Her teaching career also took her to Mostar, where she worked as the teacher of Scenic movement at the Art Academy in Mostar, BiH. In 2014 she started working with the young soloists of the HNK Split theatre, and in 2015 became the assistant choreographer, and ballet teacher. The following year, she became the ballet teacher of the HNK ballet studio in Split. Her students are educated at the best and most famous dance academies in the world, and receive the best awards and recognitions at international competitions.

In 2014, she was elected to the artistic title of associate professor in the field of art, field of dance art and arts movement, branches of classical ballet (title). 

Awards and acknowledgments for artistic and pedagogical work:

  • For her artistic and pedagogical work at school she was awarded the written recognition of the Music Youth of Split. 2012/2013

  • For artistic achievements in Ballet, in seasons 2012/13. and 2013/14 received the "Ana Roje" Award


  • Odetta / Odilia - SWAN LAKE

  • Quitri - DON QUIJOTE

  • Giselle - GISELLE

  • Gamzati, Nikija - BAJADERA

  • Princess Aurora - SLEEPING BEAUTY

  • Clara, The Sugar Lodge, Snow Queen - NUTCRACKER

  • Carmen - CARMEN

  • Pimpinella - PULCINELLA

  • Rotkvica - CIPOLLINO


  • Marina - ZORBA THE GREEK

  • Two solos - CHOPINIANA

  • Pas de deux - NAPOLI

  • Schoolgirl - Cadet dance

  • Verdi's wife - VERDI

  • Christoph Gluck - Melodia ( pas de deux)

  • Leo Delibes Sylvia - Pas de deux

  • Gioacchino Rossini - Le Grand Pas de deux

  • Le Corsaire - Pas de deux

  • Venice Carnival - Pas de deux

  • Jasques Brel: Brel – Pas de trois

  • Variation III act -RAYMONDA

  • In the Garden of Eden - Pas de deux

  • Triumph of Aphrodite - The Bride

SUMMER programs

Continue dancing throughout the summer, from Camps to Workshops, we'll explore the many facets of the artform of dance & self-expression, while keeping the children's physical and mental wellness, healthy and happy.

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